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Justin Malik Privacy Policy

       This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) provides important information regarding Justin Malik (Justin Malik,” “we,” or “our”) in respect to user information collected         through our mobile applications and the use of the information. You provide consent to this Policy when your access and use Justin Malik applications           (“Products”) and other related services (“Services”) .

  • 1. Personal and non-personal information.


        We understand the importance of our users’ personal information, and more importantly the information pertaining to children under 13 years of age.          We do not collect or require users to enter their personal information when using our Products. We do not collect any personal information from                    children with our Products. 

        When using our Products, we might read non-personal information (such as internet, Wi-Fi availability, network connection, wake lock, device status,                internal and external storage availability and usability) for the use of Product development and Service improvement. The collection of information will          be used for the development and functional improvement of our Products to ensure quality user experience. We only collect such information to the              extent that allow us to conduct our normal business operation and Products’ research and development.

        Any information we received will be used internally for the purpose of product development and to third parties performing services on our behalf,                who comply with our Privacy Policy. We will not disclose your information publicly unless we have received your consent or under government order.


  • 2.COPPA

        We comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We do not knowingly collect personal information on children under the age of 13. When a          user identifies himself or herself as a child under the age of 13 through a support request or through any feedback, we will not collect, store or use, and          will delete in a secure manner, any personal information of such user.


  • 3 Collection,Use and sharing of information from Children.

       We collect, use and share personal information from children through our Apps as follows:

       Email Contact. On occasion, in order to respond to a question or request from a child through our apps, Justin Malik! may receive or need to ask for               the child’s online contact information, such as an email address. Justin Malik! will delete this information immediately after responding to the question           or request.

  • Photos, Videos, and Audio. Our Apps may request access to the device’s photo album, or microphone in order to provide in-game functionality. For example, a child may say anything microphone in order to imitate call with the animals or save their drawing to their local device. Justin Malik! does not store or share any photos, images or audio files that contain children’s images or voices through our Apps. All photos, and audio files are stored locally on the device only.

  • Persistent Identifiers. Justin Malik! collects, uses and shares persistent identifiers, such as device identifiers or IP addresses, through our Apps solely for the purpose of providing support for the internal operations of the Apps or as otherwise permitted by COPPA. This information may be collected by Justin Malik! or a third party providing a service to Justin Malik!.

  • In-App Advertising. Some of our Apps incorporate advertising serving technology offered by our third party service providers, which enable advertising to be temporarily uploaded into the game and replaced while the user plays. The data collected for this purpose may include persistent identifiers solely for the purpose of providing support for the internal operations of the Child Directed App as permitted by COPPA, such as allowing our third party service providers to calculate the number of views, cap the frequency of ads and serve ads in a format that fits the device. Please note that while our Apps may contain advertisements about Justin Malik! or third party products and services, we prohibit behavioral advertising to children in our Apps or through data collected from our Apps.


       Subject to our compliance with COPPA, Justin Malik! may collect, use, share and otherwise process personal information from children in accordance               with this Privacy Policy. We may also seek verifiable parental consent as necessary to comply with COPPA. In either case, we will not collect more                       personal information from children than is reasonably necessary to participate in our Apps.


  • 4.Children's Privacy Policy


       To help us provide you with the best service, we work with third party analytics providers Firebase and in our apps for children.

       Their respective Privacy Policies can be found at


       These companies help us to understand your use of the apps. In association with them, we may collect your unique device identifier, IP address, mobile         phone carrier, game progress, time spent playing, and other. This information is for internal operations only and can’t be shared. It’s just for us to help           us improve our services for you.


       When you use our Apps we may display contextual advertisements to you. In order to enable advertising we allow our advertising partners to collect               online identifiers (such as Advertising ID on Android and IDFA on iOS) that might be considered as personal information under some legislations, but               they should use it solely for the purposes of contextual advertising. For any other purposes they should use the information solely on anonymized and           aggregated basis.


        You can find Privacy Policies of our Ad partners here:

       Google Admob:


       We are not displaying behavioural or interest-based advertising in our apps.

       If you have any questions about our collection and use please contact us at [email protected]

       Justin Malik! complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), a U.S. law designed to protect the online privacy of children.                           Justin Malik! takes precautions designed to protect the online privacy of children, and we encourage parents to take an active role in protecting their             children’s privacy by discussing this Privacy policy with them.


  • 5.Submitting personal information for prizes and customer support.

        From time to time, we may host contests or surveys on our website at We may send out a letter to your email address after you            have given us consent through your participation and agree to receive the prize for the event you have participated in. For contests and surveys, we                typically require only the information necessary for a child to participate. We only contact the parent for more personalized information for prize-                    fulfilment purposes when the child wins the contest or completes a survey.

        When you request support, you may send us an email or contact us on our website. We allow users to contact us if they have support questions about            the use of our mobile applications. If you submit a support request, we may receive your email address and other information you provide related to              your support request.

  • 6.Cookies.

       When you visit our website, we may send cookies to your computer that uniquely identify your browser. We use cookies to improve the quality of our             service by storing user preferences and tracking usage information. Most browsers allow you to disable cookies or set your browser to alert you when             cookies are being sent to your computer.

  • 7. Third party websites and links.

       We may provide links to our website or third party websites. Our Privacy Policy will have no effect on any third party websites’ privacy policy or their                 usage of personal information collected. Our Privacy Policy as expressed herein does not apply to other parties, and we do not dictate the collection or           usage of information by them. We do not take part in the operation of third party advertisers or websites. Please find the list of third party companies             below:


  • 8. Amendments.

       We may amend our privacy policy from time to time by posting the amended Policy on our website, without directly informing our users. Therefore we           encourage our users to review this policy frequently. Justin Malik reserves all rights and interpretation to the Policy and its amendments.

  • 9. Contact us.


       If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at [email protected]

       Justin Malik.



       Last updated March 3, 2021

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